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VRA Core 4 Example 2: Architectural sculpture
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Work record [refid 2]
agent unknown (French sculptor)
culturalContext French
date ca. 1220 (creation)
description The central portal depicts the Last Judgment. Christ the Judge is flanked by Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and John the Evangelist. Christ displays his Passion wounds; angels carry the instruments of his Passion, the column, lance, crown of thorns, scourge, nails, and cross. The lintel depicts Saint Michael weighing and separating the Saved and the Damned. [page 202]
Kidson, Peter, Robert Branner, ed.; Chartres Cathedral: With source material and selected critical writings, London: Thames & Hudson, 1969 [description source]
location Chartres Cathedral (Chartres, Centre, France) [site]
South transept [location note]
material limestone
relation partOf Chartres Cathedral [Core 4 Sample Database, refid="2" relids="w_1"]
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Gothic (Medieval)
subject New Testament; saints; Jesus Christ; John, the Apostle, Saint; Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint; religion and mythology; Last Judgment (Christian iconography); Saint Michael; salvation; damnation; souls; Symbols of the Passion (Christian iconography)
technique carving (processes)
title Last Judgment [cited, true, en]
Tympanum, South Transept, Chartres [descriptive, false, en]
worktype architectural elements; walls and wall components; tympana; sculpture (visual work); reliefs (sculptures)
image courtesy Hartill Art Associates
Image record [refid 101]
agent Hartill, Alec
date 05/20/90 (creation)
measurements 18 MB
relation [imageOf 2, Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)]
rights © Alec or Marlene Hartill
source VRA Data Standards Committee, Core 4 Sample Records [href]
Hartill Art Associates SFr0075 [source of image]
subject archivolts; arch
technique digital imaging
title Overall view of tympanum and archivolts, south transept
worktype digital image
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