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VRA Core 4 Example 4: Architectural model
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Work record [refid 6]
agent Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian architect, 1475-1564); Pope Leo X (Italian patron, 1475-1521)
culturalContext Italian
date ca. 1517-1520 (design)
description Michelangelo's design of the facade went through three main phases, which can be identified in three drawings in the collection of Casa Buonarroti, nos. 45A, 47A and 43A. In all likelihood it was the clearly defined image in the last of these drawings that was translated into the large wooden model in Casa Buonarroti, which itself reflects the passage from the design stage to that of execution, as specified in the contract drawn up between Leo X and the artist on January 19, 1518. The model is 1:12 scale. The facade was never built.
Casa Buonarroti [website]; (accessed 3/2/2009) [description source]
location Casa Buonarroti (Florence, Tuscany, Italy) [repository]
Via Ghibellina 70 [location note]
material poplar, cypress, pine and other wood; traces of white lead paint and gesso
measurements 216 cm (height) x 283 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth)
relation relatedTo San Lorenzo, Florence [Core 4 Sample Database, refid="6" relids="w_7"]
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Renaissance
subject architectural exteriors; Artists' studios; models (representations); architectural modeling; construction models; carpentry; San Lorenzo (Florence, Italy)
technique construction (assembling)
title Wooden Model for the Façade of San Lorenzo, Florence [descriptive, true, en]
worktype models (representations)
image courtesy Fondazione Casa Buonarroti
Image record [refid 105]
date 03/02/09 (other)
measurements 250 kb
relation [imageOf 6, Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)]
rights undetermined
source VRA Data Standards Committee, Core 4 Sample Records [href]
Casa Buonarroti [website]; [source of image]
technique digital imaging
title Overall facade view of model
worktype digital image
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