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VRA Core 4 Example 19: Magazine illustration
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Work record [refid 10]
agent Georges Doeuillet (French fashion designer, opened firm 1910; died 1928); Ludwik Strimpl (Czech illustrator, 1880-1937)
culturalContext French
date 1913 (publication)
description An example of the new mode of fashion illustration which showed the figures in action, in a genre setting; "rather than simply drawing a mannequin in the outfit, like most previous fashion illustrators, [they] depicted the model in various dramatic and narrative situations."
Davis, Mary E.; Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism, Berkley CA: University of California Press, 2006 (0520245423) [description source]
inscription Giboulée: Robes d’après-midi de Dœuillet; Gazette du Bon Ton--No 6; Avril 1913--Pl. VII; plate signed Strimpl, 1913
location Paris, Île-de-France, France [publication]
material ink on paper (photomechanical lithograph) with hand-applied color (pochoir)
measurements 25.4 x 19.1 cm (width)
relation partOf Gazette du Bon Ton [periodical] [Core 4 Sample Database, refid="10" relids="w_9"]
rights publicDomain
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Twentieth century
subject decorative arts; domestic life; genre; Fashion and art; Fashion design; umbrella; cloche; peplum; walking dress; rain
technique offset printing; pochoir
title Shower: Afternoon dresses by Doeuillet [translated, true, en]
Giboulée: Robes d’après-midi de Dœuillet [inscribed, false, fr]
worktype illustrations (layout features); fashion illustrations
image courtesy Allan Kohl
Image record [refid 108]
agent Kohl, Allan
date 03/15/2009 (creation)
measurements 18 MB
relation [imageOf 10, Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)]
rights publicDomain
source VRA Data Standards Committee, Core 4 Sample Records [href]
Allan Kohl; Minneapolis College of Art & Design Visual Resource Collection; donated; educational use allowed [source of image]
technique digital imaging
title Plate VII from Gazette du Bon Ton, Volume 1, No. 6, April 1913
worktype digital image
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