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VRA Core 4 Example 28: Lantern slide collection
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Collection record [refid 22]
agent G. [Gaston] Massiot et Compagnie (French photographic firm, ca. 1899-1940)
culturalContext French
date distributed ca. 1908-1909 (publication)
description [The collection consists of 2,676 lantern slides which are views of buildings and cities in Europe, with some slides from the Middle and Far East as well. These were digitally imaged in 2007.] A. Molteni was an inventor and manufacturer of projection equipment in the late 19th and early 20th century. He styled himself a "Constructeur d'instruments d'Optique, de Physique, de Mathématiques et de Marine." Arthur-Honore Radiguet (1850-1905) was a similarly gifted inventor whose photographic business included working with Molteni and producing lantern slides. He also invented all manner of photographic equipment and especially worked with medical imaging, including the new x-ray techniques, discovered in 1895. He formed a firm with his son-in-law, Gaston Massiot, in 1899. Tragically Radiguet died from the effects of x-ray exposure in 1905. Massiot assumed the firm and was still inventing new apparatus as late as ca. 1936. The firm was still in business as of ca. 1940.
Cinematographes [website]; (accessed 5/29/2009) [description source]
inscription Original labels: "Projections Molteni Collections et Tirages de Positifs pour ProjectionsG. Massiot & Cie37 bis 39 Rue de Belfort Courbevoie Seine"
location University of Notre Dame, Architecture Library (South Bend, Indiana, United States) [repository]
Courbevoie, Île-de-France, France [publication]
material black and white film; glass
measurements 4 in (height) x 3.25 in (width, each)
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Nineteenth century; Twentieth century
subject architectural exteriors; architectural interiors; Molteni, A.; topographical views; lantern slide projection; magic lantern lectures
technique photography
title Historic architectural views [lantern slide collection] [descriptive, true, en]
worktype photographs; lantern slides; photographs; positives (photographs); black-and-white transparencies ; topographical views
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