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VRA Core 4 Example 7: Floor mosaic
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Work record [refid 18]
agent after Philoxenos of Eretria (Greek (ancient) painter, active late 4th century BCE); unknown (Samnite or Greek mosaicist)
culturalContext Greek (ancient); Roman Samnite
date ca. 100 BCE (creation)
description The greatest number of fine mosaics in any one house came from the House of the Faun, dating to ca. 100 BCE. Outstanding here is the Alexander Mosaic, probably representing the Battle of Issus [Issos] in Cilicia between Alexander the Great (reigned 336-323 BCE) and Darius III (reigned 335-331 BCE). The panel contained an estimated four million tesserae, all of natural stone, in a four-colour technique recalling that of Greek Late Classical painting; it was undoubtedly copied from an original painting, usually ascribed to Philoxenos of Eretria, done shortly after the battle itself. This painting was a commission for Kassander of Macedon and depicted either that at Issos (333 BCE) or that at Gaugamela (331 BCE).
Grove Art Online; (accessed 5/25/2009) [description source]
location Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples, Campania, Italy) 10020 [repository]
House of the Faun (Pompeii, Campania, Italy) [formerSite]
material stone tesserae
measurements 3.13 m (width) x 5.82 m (length)
relation formerlyPartOf House of the Faun [Core 4 Sample Database, refid="18" relids="w_17"]
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Greco-Roman; Hellenistic
subject historical; military; war; rulers and leaders; Alexander, the Great, 356-323 B.C.; Darius III, King of Persia, d. 330 B.C.
technique mosaic (process)
title Battle between Alexander the Great and Darius III [cited, true, en]
Battle of Issus [cited, false, en]
Alexander Mosaic [cited, false, en]
worktype mosaics (visual works)
Images for this Work
Example 7: Details, Palazzo della Ragione
[refid 121]
View of right half, with Darius in his chariot
Example 7: Section, Palazzo della Ragione
[refid 122]
Close-up of Alexander on horse
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