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VRA Core 4 Example 48: Installation art
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Work record [refid 42]
agent Documenta (German exhibition organization, founded 1955); Georges Adéagbo (Beninese installation artist, born 1945)
culturalContext Beninese
date 2002 (creation); 8 June-15 September, 2002 (exhibition)
description One of the central issues Georges Adéagbo addresses in this composition, is to what extent an effort was made over centuries of geographic expansion to understand, analyze and integrate the information brought back 'home' by explorers and whether the lack of giving careful observation priority over hasty action might not be one of the causes for the disparity of cultural and economic evolution in the world. Since summer 2001 Adéagbo exclusively researched for and prepared his Documenta 11 contribution. Several visits to Kassel allowed him to acquire books and plow through photos and files at the Documenta archive, finally to bring a choice of images and texts back to Benin to be transformed by an local artisan into large scale illustrations. Adéagbo explored and harvested objects at flea-markets in New York, Chicago, Kyoto, Hamburg and Kassel and brought items from Africa. From the beach near his atelier, Adéagbo had a cracked dug-out canoe and a 19th century anchor transported to Kassel, that form, together with the four totem poles carved by Cotonou craftsman, the central area of the work, an island surrounded by an ocean of narration.
Jointadventures [installation artist website]; (accessed 7/17/2014) [description source]
location Documenta (Kassel, Hesse, Germany) [exhibition]
installation venue; Halle Binding (disused Binding brewery building on the outskirts of central Kassel) [location note]
material wood canoe and totem poles; painted illustrations; found objects; Xeroxed texts on paper
source Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)
stylePeriod Twenty-first century
subject business, commerce and trade; contemporary (1960 to present); Exploration & encounters; World politics
technique carving (processes); painting and painting techniques; photography
title The explorer and the explorers facing the history of exploration - the world theatre [cited, true, en]
L'explorateur et les explorateurs devant l'histoire de l'exploration - le théâtre du monde [cited, false, fr]
worktype visual works; installations (visual works)
image courtesy
Image record [refid 144]
date 2002 (exhibition)
measurements 18 MB
relation [imageOf 42, Core 4 Sample Database (VCat)]
rights undetermined
source VRA Data Standards Committee, Core 4 Sample Records [href]
Jointadventures [installation artist website]; [source of image]
title Center of gallery installation with dug-out canoe and four totem poles surrounded by texts, paintings and found objects
worktype digital image
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