VRA Core Schemas and Documentation

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VRA Core's schemas and documentation are accessible at http://www.loc.gov/standards/vracore/


The VRA Core is managed and maintained by the VRA Core Oversight Committee under the aegis of the Visual Resources Association. Committee Members are listed here.

Mission Statement of the VRA Core Oversight Committee

To develop and maintain the VRA Core and to support and promote its use in a variety of communities.

Organizational Structure

The structure of the Core OC consists of an Advisory Group that reports directly to the VRA Board and three subcommittees that report to the Advisory Group.The Subcommittees are charged with working on Core Development and Maintenance, User Support, and Training and Education. In addition to overseeing and guiding the work of the Subcommittees, the Advisory Group will work to endorse best practices and reach out to proponents of other standards and schemas where there is synergy.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group will consist of 5-7 individuals serving terms of two years and initially appointed by the VRA Board. The Advisory Group will be led by a chair who serves a term of two years. Advisory Group members are intended to be representative of the following constituencies from the international digital library community: visual resource collections; libraries; museums; archives; information services utilities; image software vendors; and image licensors.

The primary function of the Advisory Group is to oversee the activities of the subcommittees, including:

  • Monitoring the metadata landscape to stay abreast of trends, best practices, and recommendations that impact how metadata is created, stored, exchanged, and preserved.
  • Interacting with other metadata schema development groups where there is synergy.
  • Endorsing best practices to outside organizations embarking upon implementations of the VRA Core that could be widely used by multiple communities.
  • Giving final approval to any changes to the VRA Core that are proposed by the Core Development and Maintenance Subcommittee.
  • Approving and signing off on grant proposals to the VRA Foundation or any other outside funding bodies.
  • Providing guidance regarding ongoing activities of the subcommittees, and voting on proposals as necessary.
  • Communicating to the VRA Board regarding any Core OC activities.


  1. Core Development and Maintenance (CDM)

    The function of this subcommittee is to collect and prioritize requested changes to the VRA Core schemas and documentation.  They will present a list of proposed changes to the Advisory Group and identify the potential impacts on the standard and its users.  To this end the group closely monitors any wikis or listservs that are maintained by the User Support committee. This group will also review implementations of the Core in software and make recommendations to the Advisory Group.

  2. User Support (US)

    Members of this subcommittee will maintain and regularly review VRA Core documentation (including FAQs), oversee the VRA Core Listserv, maintain the VRA Core website, and make proposals for new means of communication as technology changes and evolves.