VRA Core Schemas and Documentation

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VRA Core's schemas and documentation are accessible at http://www.loc.gov/standards/vracore/


Conference Sessions

VRA Core 4 Unbound: Expanding Core capabilities through embedded metadata, APIs, and editors, VRA Conference,

March 2014

Strategies for Data Migration in the Age of CCO and VRA Core 4.0

VRA Conference, March 2007

Individual Papers

VRA Core 4.0: An Introduction - Jolene de Verges, Summer Educational Institute, 2009 (PDF)

Got Metadata?  A presentation on VRA Core 4.0 XML - Jan Eklund, Summer Educational Institute, June 2007 (PDF)

Cataloging in VRA Core 4.0 & CCO - Trish Rose-Sandler, OLAC Conference, Oct 2006 (PDF)