VRA Core Schemas and Documentation

VRA Core's schemas and documentation are accessible at http://www.loc.gov/standards/vracore/

Implementation Registry

The VRA Core implementation registry contains descriptions of collections that use the VRA Core to create and/or exchange their metadata records. Entries may be submitted via an online form, or by contacting the VRA Core Oversight Committee Chairs at vracore@vraweb.org.

Collection Name Visual Resources Library Collection
(Holy Cross)
Brief Summary

This collection, which is not publically available online, began in 2011 as the digital replacement for the Slide Library once used primarily by the Visual Arts department.  It includes requested images that are not available in the ARTstor Digital Library subscription that are cataloged in Shared Shelf.  It has grown to include images of particular use to individuals in other departments across campus.

Institution Name College of the Holy Cross
Department Library
Link(s) VRA Core to Shared Shelf Map
Contact(s) Janis DesMarais, jdesmara@holycross.edu, (508)793-2453
Updated 1/29/2015


Collections Beyond the Taj
Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs
Billie Jean Isbell Andean Collection
Mysteries at Eleusi
Lab of Ornithology Art Collection
Brief Summary The VRA Core 4.0 data model is used in conjunction with VRA elements and attributes in a number of collections ranging from our Images for Teaching Collection to smaller internal digital library projects, some of which also employ custom fields. Collection-level MARC records for each of these is made available in the library catalog, and most collections are delivered by either Artstor or LUNA.
Institution Name Cornell University Library
Department Digital Consulting and Production Services and Metadata Services
Collection Name Various Collections of the Corn, including Knight Visual Resources Collection
Contact(s) Digital Consulting and Production Services (DCAPS),dcaps@cornell.edu
Updated 1/28/2015


Collection Name Design Library Image Collection (DLIC)
Brief Summary The Design Library has over 70,000 digital images covering art, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, and graphic design available for teaching, research, and study for members of the NCSU community.
Institution Name North Carolina State University
Department Harrye B. Lyons Design Library
Contact(s) Barbara Brenny, Visual Resources Librarian, barbara_brenny@ncsu.edu,(919)515-2207
Updated 1/28/2015


Collection Name RISD Digital Image Database (RDID)
Brief Summary The Graham Visual Resources Center manages a collection of approximately 12,000 digital images, with IRIS as its main cataloging tool. IRIS 2008 implements all VRA Core 4.0 elements and attributes (Agent, Cultural Context, Date, Inscription, Location, Location, Materials, Relationship, Rights, Source, Subject, Technique, TextRef, Work Type). Some of these—Inscription, for example—are not used by the RISD collection. IRIS allows users to create separate work and image records that are linked by refID. Image and work information for each record is then flattened and exported to the RISD Digital Image Database (RDID), a localized version of MDID.
Institution Name Rhode Island School of Design 
Department Fleet Library, Graham Visual Resources Center 
Contact(s) Mark Pompelia, Visual Resources Librarian, mpompeli@risd.edu, (401)709-5935
Updated 8/1/2011


Collection Name SnapDragon II Collection Management System
Brief Summary Smith College developed the SnapDragon II Collection Management System as a FileMaker Pro relational database based on VRA Core 4 and Cataloging Cultural Objects (CCO) practice. Previous versions of SnapDragon were based on earlier VRA Core as well. That said, we use all of the Core elements, but some of the more granular attributes are not used at the present time. VRA Core recommended use of hierarchy is in place whenever possible in both "Works" and "Authorities." We export a flat set of selected descriptive metadata to the Smith College LUNA Insight media repository and to ARTstor Hosted collections for our consortium Five Colleges, Inc. For display in LUNA we have a set of element names that are not exact matches to VRA Core 4. 
Institution Name Smith College
Department Imaging Center
Link(s) David Boggett: Art, Architecture and Festivals
Contact(s) Smith College Imaging Center, imaging@smith.edu
Updated 8/1/2011


Collection Name Architecture and Urban Planning Collection
Brief Summary The DAAP Library manages two collections in LUNA, one is available to the public and the other is only available to university users. The collection is cataloged in the DAAP Library Media database which is a homegrown system based on Core 4.0; it was funded by a grant awarded to the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). The interface to the cataloging database can be viewed but is a simplified version of backend (i.e. doesn't have all the fields). This database uses almost all of the Core 4 elements and sub-elements but not necessarily the attributes --for instance they currently don't record the identifiers for vocabulary terms but that ability may be implemented in a future enhancement of the database.
Institution Name University of Cincinnati
Department Robert A. Deshon And Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art, And Planning 
Contact(s) Elizabeth Meyer, Visual Resource Librarian, elizabeth.meyer@uc.edu
Updated 8/1/2011


Collection Name History of Art Visual Resources Collections (HART VRC)
Brief Summary The Visual Resources Collections, part of the Department of the History of Art at the University of Michigan, is comprised of approximately 500,000 analog and digitized images of art, archaeology, and architecture. Over 360,000 images have been cataloged following VRA Core standards.
Institution Name University of Michigan
Department History of Art Department 
Contact(s) vrum@umich.edu, (734)764-0386
Updated 12/16/2014


Collection Name York Digital Library (YODL)
Brief Summary YODL is the University of York's institutional multimedia repository, and it handles a range of different collections and types of material acquired or produced by the University (excluding published research outputs and PhD theses). VRA Core 4.0 is used to describe all image based resources, including digitised artworks, photographs, books and manuscripts.
Institution Name University of York
Department Information Directorate
Contact(s) Julie Allinson, Digital Library Manager, julie.allinson@york.ac.uk and Matthew Herring, Digital Library Officer, matthew.herring@york.ac.uk
Updated 12/17/2014