The mappings and stylesheets listed below provide guidelines for mapping from and to VRA Core for different standards and schemas. A general map between the two standards usually gives a good sense of the structural differences and may be sufficient if only minimal data is being transported or displayed. However, when rich data is included, this general map may not be sufficient to guide decision making and local solutions may need to be implemented. Whenever possible, our examples provide a generalized map, as well as one or two examples of an implemented map.

The VRA Core OC is always looking for more information to maps and styleseheets to add to this page. Entries may be submitted via an online form, or by contacting the VRA Core OC Chairs at


  Dublin Core to VRA Core
Brief Summary This mapping gives equivalencies between the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, version 1.1 (unqualified Dublin Core) and elements in VRA Core, version 4.0. In order to illustrate and emphasize the importance of studying the actual data to produce a map that accurately reflects the content other than the field labels, the VRA Core Oversight Committee has provided two examples using the records in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)'s Digital Special Collections.
Prepared by Xiaoli Ma, in conjunction with the VRA Core Oversight Committee
Contact(s) VRA Core Oversight Committee,
Updated 9/29/2016

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