Example records are provided to demonstrate how the VRA Core structure can be applied to various combinations of Work, Image and Collection in several different categories.

example 1: Gothic Church
example 2: Architectural Sculpture
example 3: Ancient Megalithic stone circle
example 4: Architectural model
example 5: Building related to Model
example 6: Twentieth-century memorial
example 7: Ancient mosaic floor
example 8: Grave goods, jewelry cache [collection]
example 9: Diadem from jewelry cache
example 10: Medal
example 11: Tapestry series
example 12: Single tapestry, part of series
example 13: Group of projectile points
example 14: Archeological site, complex
example 15: Excavated house
example 16: Statue [part of larger memorial]
example 17: Textual manuscript
example 18: Periodical, entire run
example 19: Periodical, single page
example 20: Periodical, single page
example 21: Periodical, single page
example 22: Periodical, single page
example 23: Architectural Treatise [with plates as image records]
example 24: Renaissance civic building
example 25: Mass-produced poster
example 26: Landscape painting
example 27: Fresco cycle in a chapel
example 28: Historic lantern slide collection
example 29: Topographic view, cityscape
example 30: Multiple works shown in same image
example 31: Related works shown in the same image
example 32: Musical instrument
example 38: Copy of a work
example 43: Japanese handscroll
example 44: Ballet (1912 production)
example 45: Drawing related to performance
example 46: Fresco
example 47: History painting
example 48: Installation art
example 51: Public performance art
example 52: Permanent installation

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VRA Core is developed and maintained by the VRA Core Oversight Committee. For questions and inquiries about the Core standard please contact the VRA Core OC.

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